Modelos IA y pricing: métricas de uso y valor

29/11/2023 #Inteligencia artificial

Evolución de los modelos de negocio código abierto

20/11/2023 #Modelos de negocio

Concentración, redes sociales y ventanas de Overton

17/11/2023 #Modelos de negocio

Entramos en temporada de presupuestos. Planificar el año siguiente.

15/11/2023 #Herramientas

Momentum de las pymes de software en Europa en octubre 2023

14/11/2023 #Benchmarking

Indie hacking, ¿sigue vivo?

31/10/2023 #Modelos de negocio

Extraer datos financieros de pdfs con ChatPDF (AI)

18/10/2023 #Herramientas

Index sme gaming: valuation

02/10/2023 #Benchmarking

An index for momentum and investor perception of gaming SMEs in Europe

25/09/2023 #Benchmarking

What is the value of my creative company?

19/09/2023 #Intangibles

Pricing framework

14/09/2023 #Estrategia de negocio

Why small teams win

18/08/2023 #Personas

The most underrated language (and tool): Accounting

14/07/2023 #Herramientas

Negative relation M&A and performance in retail sector

30/06/2023 #Asignacion de capital

European platforms to hedge curreny risk

07/06/2023 #Herramientas

Digital banks and interest rates: a two-way journey

30/05/2023 #Herramientas

The importance of Capital allocation

23/05/2023 #Asignacion de capital

AVTECH: tech solutions for a greener recovery in the aviation industry

19/05/2023 #Benchmarking

There’s an AI for that

16/05/2023 #Herramientas

Leadership style arround the world

09/05/2023 #Intangibles

Best AI tools for founders and creators

04/05/2023 #Herramientas

Build in public: blogging evolved

12/04/2023 #Modelos de negocio

How do you measure the performance of your finance team?

29/03/2023 #Personas

The importance of Moats and how to measure them

24/03/2023 #Estrategia de negocio

Saas accounting tools; the challenge

15/03/2023 #Herramientas

G5 Entertainment; free-to-play games from Sweden

13/11/2022 #Modelos de negocio

App overload, poorer quality of work

27/10/2021 #Intangibles

The drivers of inflation and its implications for the coming months

25/05/2021 #Incertidumbre

Is podcast business model still and untapped market opportunity? Yes

20/05/2021 #Modelos de negocio

The problem of being self-employed in Spain

18/05/2021 #Incertidumbre

Assessing carbon offsets; rating and new market

13/05/2021 #Intangibles

Cyber attacks, a threat we need to assess.

12/05/2021 #Incertidumbre

Is art a recession-proof asset to be explored?

10/05/2021 #Asignacion de capital

What percentage of VC funds beat the market?

09/05/2021 #Asignacion de capital

Metacore: finnish mobile games studio

07/05/2021 #Modelos de negocio

NCAB Group: Electronic Components in the north of Europe

20/01/2020 #Modelos de negocio

The Trade Desk: spectacular growth with good fundamentals

13/01/2020 #Modelos de negocio

Bilibili like a rocket

09/01/2020 #Modelos de negocio

Spotify on the right path

08/01/2020 #Modelos de negocio
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