Herramientas 16/05/2023

The proliferation of AI tools in the last months is amazing. Today i bring you a tool call "There's an AI for that", that is constantly updating (almost in real time).

What is interesting is that the categorisation is by task that is replaced; what kind of task can be done instead with a specific AI tool from the list.

In these moments there are 4.527 AIs for 1.188 tasks.

there's an ai for that

One curious thing is that AI tools started in 2015, and it has had tools since that date, which is a long time considering how young this technology is.

Another curiosity is that the website's newsletter is written by ChatGPT.

an ai for that since 2015

Finally, very interesting is the "Jobs" section where the impact on each job is calculated based on the number of tasks covered with AI tools and the number of these.

Ai tools impact in jobs titles

You have here another AI tool agreggator.