Benchmarking 19/05/2023

AVTECH is a Swedish company that operates in the aviation industry. Has 9 employees, is listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market (AVTECH Sweden AB ticker: AVT-B.ST), its capitalisation is around 20M€. No analysts, off the radar of most financial platforms and based on technological development..

I love with this kind of small and medium companies.

# Let's take a look at some interesting things about this innovative european SME:

/ AVTECH Sweden AB's products and services include weather uplink services, aviation weather forecasting, and digital air traffic management system. Product portfolio includes Aventus NowCast, Efficiency Analyzer, and other services that increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and lower carbon dioxide emissions in the aviation industry.

/ The company's customers are various players in the aviation industry, such as airlines, airports, aviation technology companies, and aircraft manufacturers. As

/ The company's services are based on accurate weather data and advanced optimization algorithms.

/ AVTECH's goal is to make air travel more sustainable by reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

/ The company has been growing steadily over the years, with an increasing number of employees and exchange listings.

Let's go deep into some financial numbers:

avtech market cap

# Profitability:

avtech profitability
avtech solvency

Despite many years of losses, they have been growing steadily in sales and, most interestingly, they have been financed very well; the financial structure is optimal, with little debt and the IPO in 2012. This is very interesting, instead of going through many rounds of Venture Capital, as the NASDAQ First North Growth Market allows small startups to go public, they directly opted for this route.

# Liquidity an solvency of company its OK:

Only 9 young employees doing innovation in a vey dificult sector with financial goals in a good way.