I am Jorge Segura
an economist specialising in the strategy and finance of the digital business.



I make decisions and assume the responsibility they entail. My emails do not have “CC”. Radical honesty.

My working method is agile, lean and holistic. No prefabricated templates, tailor-made and to the point. I communicate well. I adapt to the client’s culture and integrate into it.

I work with a maximum of 2 external financial management clients and 4 strategy clients at the same time. This allows me to work very closely with the company, as one of the staff, and also to have enough independence for the service to be truly authentic.

"I work with SMEs with a global activity that are innovating, growing or transforming."

They hire me because they need their growth to be sustainable. Being sustainable (sustained over time) implies having a strategy, managing with objectives and experimenting.

I offer two solutions:

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