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    Do you work with startups?

    Yes, but I don’t go looking for funding.

    I come in once the founders of the startup have secured funding, at least for the first phase. My job is to develop the financial strategy, forecast and report to investors, assisting them in the financial and economic management of the business.

    1. There are two particular cases where I have special experience:
    2. Consolidated companies that want to spinoff projects they have developed for clients.
      Companies that want to invest in a startup and need to know its value (valuation).

    Are you the one doing all the work?

    Absolutely yes.

    A senior professional 100% dedicated to solving your problem. I create, develop and execute with my client’s team.

    This makes my turnaround time incredibly short, I can start and finish highly complex jobs with a speed that a consulting firm cannot.

    How many clients do you work with at the same time?

    With two fractional CFO clients and with 4 clients of the services within “Sustainable Growth”.

    Are you looking for project funding?

    No. I don’t provide that service.

    What services can you provide if we seek funding?

    (Only for companies based in Spain)

    If it is traditional financing you don’t need me. If you are looking for equity financing (business angel, venture capital, private equity) or slightly more complex operations, then I can help you in two ways:

    1/ By carrying out technical documents such as a valuation, helping with the economic part of an investor deck, making a business plan or projections.

    2/ Assisting the company in the valuation negotiations.