I work as an fractional CFO for innovative, intangible asset-based businesses that are in a growth phase.

I focus on solving 3 problems that the CEO has when taking off:

Growth → that is sustainable and balanced.

Profitability → that allows us to earn money depending on the phase we are in with a correct use of current and future resources.

Peace of mind → that there is control of all business obligations and a roadmap of what needs to be done in the coming months.


/ Need. Professionalise the financial area according to the changing digital-based business model. Management needs accurate weekly economic and financial information. Need weekly cash budgets for a full year and 3 year financial strategy for growth.

/ My job. Internalise accounting, development of cost accounting, connection of digital business data with cost accounting. Weekly closing of accounting, annual budgets at monthly and weekly level. Analysis of the different programmes to help change the business model. Development of adhoc analytical tools to assess the performance of the different areas, both internal and external, and to be able to negotiate more efficiently. Fiscal and commercial supervision.

/ Result. Ad-hoc cost accounting and management at programme and people level, weekly roadmap with economic and cash management direction to make quick decisions in case of problems. Weekly cash flow and cash management tool and control. Internal economic-financial team at full capacity to make decisions and prepare for the entry of new partners in the capital of the company to make a new leap.

/ Need. Entry of capitalist partners to grow. Business model difficult to value and difficult to communicate because its disruption is radical (new assets + new model + lack of use cases in commercial regulations).

/ My work. Project finance and business plan. Communication with financial partners. Technical reporting for board of directors and management, Project analytics and management control with engineers. Supervision of audit and due diligence teams.

/ Result. Ibex 35 company entry in the capital. Clean audit and due diligence. Adequate financing for explosive growth in the following year. Effective communication to different financial players. Explosive growth, huge EBITDA, valuation multiplied x10. Zero financial debt.

A fractional CFO (Chief Financial Oficer) is a part time CFO with a lot of skills and experience who can help your business to grow with optimize strategy. You obtain a senior finance professional for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

I'm a fractional CFO based in Madrid (Spain), with a great backgrouind in accounting (financial and analytical), valuation, remote financial team building, management control and economic strategy in digital and tech high growth small and medium compenies (SMEs).

Controlling the financial management of any business, regardless of size, requires:

Business strategy
Planning and control
Capitall allocation
Cash and working capital management

The sense of business strategy must be highly developed, given the need to understand the new assets, business models and ecosystems in which the company operates.

One of the key elements is working with information systems, so depending on the structure of the company (larger) or if it is in a more technological sector (typology) the CFO has to work closely with the CIO (Chief Information Officer) so that decision making integrates economic and financial planning within the set of structured data for which he or she is responsible. My job in this case is to model this information so that it serves the subsequent strategy, management and control.

My experience has led me to specialise in 3 types of clients:

1/ Technological SMEs and micro-SMEs (or without being tech, with a high technological component) in growth phase and that need a professional for all the financial strategy and implementation, to establish methodology and respond to partners, institutions, financial entities, auditors and new partners.

2/ Projects that need their business to fully evolve to a digital business model; they have a digital presence but their revenue model is not based on it.

3/ Innovation and communication agencies based on digital products.

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