Modelos de negocio 09/01/2020

Bilibili Inc (BILI) is a video hosting site. It is currently the most popular site about anime, manga and video game fandom in China.

The company has been listed on the NASDAQ since March 2018.

In December it was in the top 5 of our Uncommon IPO Index. On January 6th the company saw its shares rise more than 5% on the day and since the beginning of the year (January 2nd) it has been up 22%. Bilbili has had a 38% return in the last month.

22% of ries in one week
Price has broken key strong level. Supported with great volume.

Apparently this rise does not respond to a specific event. Let's look at the main financial data.

Revenues (bill)0,522,474,135,93
Profit (bill)-1,19-0,35-0,62-1,09
Free Cash Flow (bill)--0,17-0,60-0,60

Although the company is experiencing great growth, it still does not generate value for the shareholder. It will be very important to see the audited closing financial statements of 2019 and the evolution of 2020. Value generation must accompany growth, otherwise the share performance will not be sustained.