Modelos de negocio 07/05/2021

I have written before about the powerful ecosystem of companies linked to video games in the Nordic countries.

This time it is metascore, a finnish mobile games studio that has managed a €150 million credit line from crosstown friend Supercell. This credit line adds on two Supercell’s previous faith in the company, investing €5 million in 2018, and €15 million in 2020, as well as a €10 million credit line.

Founded in 2014 by Aki Järvilehto and Mika Tammenkoski, initially as a wearable games company, Metacore launched their first puzzle discovery game, Merge Mansion, in 2020 to commercial success. The title counts over 800,000 daily players, and Metacore reports an annual revenue run rate of over €45 million.

We will se how long it takes to go public (IPO) in Nasdaq nordic.