B2C use case: E-learning business

# # 08/03/2023

/ Need. Professionalise the financial area according to the changing digital-based business model. Management needs accurate weekly economic and financial information. Need weekly cash budgets for a full year and 3 year financial strategy for growth.

/ My job. Internalise accounting, development of cost accounting, connection of digital business data with cost accounting. Weekly closing of accounting, annual budgets at monthly and weekly level. Analysis of the different programmes to help change the business model. Development of adhoc analytical tools to assess the performance of the different areas, both internal and external, and to be able to negotiate more efficiently. Fiscal and commercial supervision.

/ Result. Ad-hoc cost accounting and management at programme and people level, weekly roadmap with economic and cash management direction to make quick decisions in case of problems. Weekly cash flow and cash management tool and control. Internal economic-financial team at full capacity to make decisions and prepare for the entry of new partners in the capital of the company to make a new leap.